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#1 Super Primal for Her

#2 Scent of Eros

#3 Primal Instinct

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#1 Chikara

#2 Liquid Trust

#3 NPA for Men

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Super Primal for Her

Scent of Eros

Primal Instinct

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Pheromones for Women

I've found that there are generally more pheromone products available to men, but with a little searching I've found some great ones for women too!

Super Primal for Her

Super Primal for Her

Why I loved Super Primal

I must say, this is my best pheromone discovery yet! I almost didn't buy it, but I'm so glad I did. This really upped my mood, and made super confident and happy all day. Yay! Everyone at work was friendly, and the day went by really fast!

After work, I came home and reapplied a little of it. My guy seemed a bit crabby and preoccupied, saying he had a rough day. That changed shortly after we relaxed together on the couch for a few minutes. I got him talking, and soon we were laughing and joking. After, we had a really aweseome conversation. He became very touchy, and the night ended well!


It makes you feel more confident, and a lot of people are noticeably friendlier than normal. Guys are attentive and very interested! It works like a charm. :)

#2 Scent of Eros

Scent of Eros

Why I like Scent of Eros

This is one of those unassuming, but really great standby pheromone products. It always seems to give some sort of positive results when you wear it! It is one of Love Scent's best selling items, and has quite a few 5-star reviews to boot! I must say, I will have to agree with their other reviewers; this is a great product!

I've been wearing this for two weeks so far, which is the amount of time I figured I would need to get some solid conclusions. I also had some of my girlfriends use it for a few nights when we went out. Overall, the results were really fantastic; much better than I expected actually! SOE made me feel fabulous. Really, I felt like I was the most confident person when I wore it! It didn't magically make men fall all over me, but let's be honest, no product is going to do that. Because I was more confident in myself, I think it also made me feel much more smiley and open to new people and conversation. That is an awesome feeling. I met some new girlfriends, and we're still chatting. I also talked with several new guys, and they were all super talkative and stood really close to me! My girlfriends seemed to notice a similar effect. Overall, this product is definitely one of our favorites!


Scent of Eros gives consistently good results. A little less sexual, but it's awesome in social situations!

#3 Primal Instinct for Women

Primal Instinct UNSCENTED for women

Why I like Primal Instinct for Women

Primal Instinct is an unscented pheromone with copulins in it. It's potent stuff, so you need to be careful about how much you use at first. It's best to start out with one or two drops, and slowly work your way up to more if needed. Once you find the right amount/perfume combination for mixing this stuff, it can knock your (or his) socks off!

First off, I had some really great effects with it. Since it's an unscented pheromone, I wore it by itself a few times, and then combined with my favorite perfumes (see below)! Anyways, to the results! I've worn this quite a few times over the past several months. My boyfriend always seems to react to it, which is nice. But I also tend to get a lot of smiles, compliments, etc. when I'm wearing it. Definitely makes me feel good at the end of the day!


While trickier to use at first, these pheromones for women are killer once you find the right balance!

Still Unsure?

If you've read reviews, and still don't feel ready to commit to just one product, I highly recommend the Beginner Special for Women. It's a hell of a deal, and gets you one bottle of NPA for women, a bottle of musk scented pheromone oils, a pocket atomizer, and various sampler gel packs of pheromones for ladies. What a deal! The atomizer lets you play around with different mixes of pheromones, oils, and perfumes. The best part is, if you don't have any success you can return them with a 100% money back guarantee from Love Scent.

Coming Soon!

Check back soon for my upcoming reviews on some of the new and promising women's pheromone products. I will be giving Attrakt a test run! I'm really excited to try it out, as it has excellent reviews so far!